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    The Best Foods To Eat with Braces

    When it comes to having braces, adjustments to your diet are important. In the early months of treatment or after a tightening, your mouth and teeth may be sore. This is due to the fact that your teeth are being pushed and pulled as they move into their new positions. 

    During this time, stick with soft foods, as well as cold foods and drinks, until the sensitivity is gone:

    • Mashed potatoes.
    • Yogurt.
    • Applesauce.
    • Protein shakes.
    • Smoothies.
    • Ripe bananas.
    • Oatmeal.
    • Scrambled eggs.
    • Soup.

    Dr. Woods, a fellow orthodontist, shared his favorite smoothie recipe for you to try: 

    • 1 scoop of Arbonne Chocolate Plant Protein.
    • 1 scoop of Arbonne Vanilla Plant Protein.
    • 1 banana.
    • 1/4 cup of Frozen Organic berries.
    • 1/8 cup of Frozen Spinach.
    • Almond milk. 

    When you are ready to go back to your normal diet, cut your food into small, bitesize pieces and chew with your back teeth. Never bite into food with your front teeth! If you have any questions about what foods to eat or avoid, always ask your orthodontist.