Dr. Joseph Hill

Dr. Joseph Hill brings over 20 years of orthodontic experience to our patients having treated a wide variety of case types for children, teens and adults. His career includes private practice ownership as well as associations supporting orthodontic practices in Louisville, Kentucky and southern Indiana, including American Family Orthodontics. 

Previously Dr. Hill served in the U.S. Army Dental Corps and U.S. Army Reserves, attaining rank Lt. Colonel. He has held memberships in national, state, and local dental associations and study clubs. Dr. Hill is a graduate of the University of Louisville College of Dentistry and Orthodontic program and the U.S. Veterans Hospital Residency Program. 

Dr. Hill and his wife, Lucy, are proud parents of two sons — Branham, a family private practice dentist — and Joseph, a private practice physician plastic surgeon. All are avid golfers and enjoy yearly beach and golf vacations together with family and friends. 

American Family Orthodontics is a part of Mortenson Dental Partners.

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